Birthday Build Up

Since I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing me bitch about all our rainy weather (just as I’m tired of experiencing it), I decided not to talk about it today. Instead, let’s focus on me. Well, my birthday anyway which is Thursday. I’ll be 42. Yikes! Where did time go?

Of course, when planning my birthday the most important thing is what to wear for the different events surrounding the festivities. First I have to attend a Rotary luncheon with my mom. I’m thinking of my new white linen pants and my black and white kimono top. The outfit has a nice breezy look and the top actually gives me a waist. Plus, I can wear my hot new silver sandals which I scored on sale. Then there’s probably Happy Hour at our fave Thursday spot, [Hickok’s]( because no birthday would be complete without an adult beverage. Since Hickok’s is very casual, I guess I’ll wear something along the lines of crop pants and a t-shirt. Perhaps I’ll mix it up with a fun tunic.

My birthday dinner is on Friday night and I have chosen local Italian restaurant, [Gilardi’s]( which is owned by our friends and former neighbors, Nicola and Monica Gilardi. The food is outstanding and it’s a nice place to relax and celebrate. I think I’ll wear my white linen pants (again, gasp) with a very cool charcoal grey top with clear bead embellishments. This is the outfit I wore to model a couple of weeks ago and the store let me buy it for half price. It’s one of those special outfits that makes me feel tall, thin and very stylish. I think it’s the perfect outfit for celebrating a birthday.

Saturday night is not planned yet, and yes I know it’s two days post birthday, but I’m hoping for more festivities. Perhaps Steve will call friends Mary and Doug Guccione for some dinner and drinks (hear that, honey? hint, hint, hint). Mary and I are having lunch on Wednesday so maybe I’ll talk to her about it. No wonder Steve complains he can’t surprise me since I tend to plan things myself!

Good news! Steve just called and has fixed my iPod! Things were looking grim after it died on Friday. He spent all weekend trying to troubleshoot the problem with no luck. He was going to take it in today to have it fixed since it’s under warranty but decided try hooking it up to his computer at work before completely giving up. Success! That’s one bright spot in my otherwise rainy day. I’m so glad I married such a smart guy.

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