Back To Work

I have a job! Not my jewelry business or freelance writing for [417 Magazine](, but an actual part time job. Thursday I was offered a position at local boutique [Harem & Co.]( as a “fashion floater.” One of their full-time employees recently left and they were debating the best way to replace her. Rather than hire another full-time person, they wanted to create a part-time position that didn’t focus on sales. Owner Kathi Cryderman thought I’d be a good fit and the timing was right for me. I’d recently been contemplating a return to the workplace, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Fortunately, I won’t have to work many Saturdays as most of my time will be spent behind the scenes rather than on the floor selling. They need someone to check in merchandise, call vendors, place orders and work on their website (which needs help badly). I feel like it’s the right time for me to add more structure to my life. Knowing I have less time to work on jewelry will mean having to work smarter when I am at home. As it stands now, I tend to fart around most of the morning. Plus, I’ll have an excuse to wear something other than a t-shirt and crop pants, I’ll get to surround myself with all kinds of gorgeous clothes, I’ll have a reason to shop for new things (with a discount) and I’ll make some extra cash (provided I don’t spend it all at the store). I start on July 11th (my sister’s birthday) so I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Rock on!

    I certainly know about farting!

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