Ready For The World

I can now officially leave the country. I am the proud owner of my first passport. I probably wouldn’t even have it except that Steve and I are going to Cabo this fall with good friends Duane and Prudy. I admit, traveling is not my thing, but I’m thinking I need to break this passport in with a couple of trips. My dream trip would be to Greece, but Mexico will do for my first passport stamp.

The passport arrived with amazing speed. The woman at the Post Office told me 4-6 weeks, but said many are arriving in two weeks which is about how quickly mine came. We have the plane tickets, the passports and our bathing suits so I think we’re ready to go!


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3 responses to “Ready For The World

  1. Cindy

    But how is the photo? You will be stuck with it for 10 (count ’em, ten) years. My new one turned out OK – and it was just an ordinary day and I popped into CVS. About time, since my last one was wretched.

  2. Actually, my picture is good although I probably won’t think so in a few years. I smiled and left my glasses on while Steve didn’t smile and removed his glasses. He looks like a weary traveler and I look like I raring to go!

  3. Girrl, hurrah!

    Next time you’re over (soon, I hope?) we’ll have to compare passport photos. Mine is from 1999 and is a hoot.

    Happy birthday by the way. We must socialize again soon. Speaking of birthdays, I cried precisely 31 tears over your absence from the Paella Party!

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