Our house was recently attacked by two little tornadoes named Lydia and Julia. I must say, they are the cutest most entertaining tornadoes I’ve encountered! Ralph and the girls arrived yesterday afternoon and spent the night with us last night since mom and Burl were still in St. Louis. Needless to say, it’s obvious we need another bedroom! At first, the girls were going to attempt sleeping together, in the guest bed, for the first time. A half hour of giggles made it clear that wasn’t going to work. Ralph moved Lydia into our bedroom where she raised quite a fuss but zonked out after just about five minutes. Later, Ralph moved Julia into our bedroom where she and Julia shared the bed. Steve and I attempted to sleep in the guest bed, but Steve eventually moved onto the sofa. It was a night of musical beds with very little sleep. Let’s hope the girls take some nice long naps today.

This morning we made pancakes for the girls and then went outside for some bubble fun. I’d bought two bottles of bubbles, but didn’t get a refill jug. Of course, Lydia and Julia kept dumping the bubble mix in the grass then asking for a refill. I finally got smart and held the bottle myself while they dipped their wands in and created quite a bubble mess. It was a nice way to give Ralph some time to take a shower and get dressed. After their video time, Ralph packed up the car and took the girls to the library for story time. I’m now attempting to get the cats out of hiding and get ready myself.

Tonight is dinner at mom’s with a celebration of birthdays. Julia’s was the 24th, mine was the 26th, Blair’s was the 30th, Ralph’s is July 11th and Corey’s is a couple of days later. Should be a fun evening!

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