Let's Go Crazy

It’s already been a crazy week here as I adjust to being a working woman. I worked full days on Monday and Tuesday and thought I’d die. I’m just not used to standing 8 hours, and in dress shoes too. However, the week has had it’s high points. On Monday, Kathi let us buy clothes and shoes off the sale rack at 90% off. I scored a cool new shirt and a very nice jean jacket (by St. John!). I also bought some cute flats encrusted in crystals (perfect for work) and a very chic pair of silver snakeskin platform heels (which are not perfect for work). Tuesday, the shoes that hadn’t previously been on sale went to buy one, get two free so I found a few more pair to wear to work. I know I probably don’t have to wear 100% Harem clothes and shoes, but Kathi really appreciates it. It was fun shopping for such great bargains, but by Tuesday night I was beat and a little stressed out knowing all the other work I have to do.

Today was my errand day. I figured I wouldn’t get much done in the studio since I had a hair appointment at 9 a.m. and a dentist appointment at 2 p.m., so I thought I’d just run all my errands today. I got so much done! Pants went to the alterations place, I got my new shoes adjusted, went to Target, went to the grocery store and even checked in all my studio orders. Whew! Good news is that I’m ready to spend tomorrow at my bench getting stuff done. Hope your week is productive.

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