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Tuesday I’m having studio shots of my granulation work done. While I’m there, I thought I’d have a professional headshot done too. However, I can’t seem to figure out exactly what to wear. I thought about a plain black t-shirt or sweater and some simple earrings (of my own design, of course). But that seems really boring. Then I wondered about a jacket and pants, but that seems a bit too “professional” and I want the photo to be casual. Ideas, anyone? What have you worn in photos that worked? I’m going for the most flattering, thin look! I guess the reason I’m over-thinking this, besides the fact I’m anal-retentive, is that I don’t want a boring photo. I want it to have some life.


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6 responses to “Picture This

  1. Carrie

    Go for a cute jacket and jeans.

  2. Nancy

    I think you can’t go wrong with black, personally.. thinking back to my few pictures I’ve had done I’ve almost always worn black — or white, when it was a sepia shot. I just think something simple is best, especially if it is a flattering shaped shirt or sweater. And if you’re wearing some of your earrings with it, those will be the focus anyway, so you want to wear something fairly simple anyway. Just my own thoughts of course, in the end you have to wear what makes YOU feel the best!

  3. Miriam

    I’d say – wear a solid color shirt (whatever color looks best on you) with attractive detailing (nothing crazy – just interesting) around the collar/neck and then a pair of your earrings. I think this shows you’ve got style and know how to dress and keeps you from being black in every picture! : )

  4. I’m sure it turned out fine!!

  5. I decided on a v-neck black sweater with white crop pants, thinking they wouldn’t show but Jeff posed me in a black Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair and ended up taking some cool b/w shots so the outfit was perfect. I should have them this week so I’ll post which one I choose. We decided a traditional head shot was too formal and I was pleased with the outcome. Well, as pleased as I can be about having my picture taken!

  6. Nancy B

    Yes, but what jewelry did you wear? That’s what I want to hear about! Or, I guess I can wait ’til you post the pics and just see for myself, huh!?

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