Still Standing

I’m still here despite excessive exhaustion. This week I’ve either been at work or at home working. On top of all my packing, Pavel decided to change my workout routine and has challenged me so much I wake up sore every day. No pain, no gain I guess. Yesterday, I packed up the rest of the kitchen and rearranged things to make it look larger. Today Steve and I are working on the leftover bits around the house. Then we’ll work on the basement to clean up all the crap left over in the middle of the floor. We’ll make another trip to the storage unit (which is filling rapidly) and fix dinner for Matt and Sarah who are graciously letting up store clothes and shoes at their house.

Pavel comes on Monday to start the bathroom tiling, the signs should be done by mid-week and we’ll be ready to put this baby on the market. So far, three people have expressed interest and want to see it when it’s ready to sell so that’s a positive note. Wish us luck! I still have my heart set on the other house so we need to sell this baby fast so we can move into our killer 1970s pad! I’m not going to post pictures of it until we’re under contract because, well you just never know what could happen and I don’t want to be unrealistic. Never mind I’ve already mentally moved in, decorated it, and had two parties.


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2 responses to “Still Standing

  1. Did we get invited to either of your parties?

  2. Yes, you were/are invited to the housewarming party. Get ready to dress like 1973!

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