Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Word from our realtor is that another couple looked at OUR HOUSE (the one we don’t have yet) and are interested. Grrr. However, they are in the same boat as we are in that they also have to sell their house before making an offer. Now it’s a race to see who can sell their house first and get the cool 1973 contemporary pad. Unfortunately, the other couple is ahead of us in that their house is already listed and we’re still a few days away from signage. It’s been a long, hot weekend here, but progress has been made. The upstairs looks great and just needs a good cleaning to be ready (well, that and the bathroom tile). The basement is getting there as far as organization. I packed more boxes today (where did this crap come from?!) and rearranged the middle section so the basement looks more spacious. Steve’s working outside (ick) in the garage to organize all the junk we threw in there. Technically we have a 2-car garage but we use the second side for excessive junk storage so he’s cleaning it out so we can get the other car in there.

Next up is weeding and mulching so the house has terrific curb appeal. We’re still working on the areas of the house where paint is peeling, but we’ll be doing that after we put up the signs. I think we need to get the signs in the yard ASAP and keep working so we can generate interest. Now’s the time I wish we had a brick home!!!

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