Now What?!

Remember the couple that was very interested in the house (Rebecca and Paul)? Well, they returned this morning and made us an offer. We countered. They agreed. Now, paperwork has yet to be signed, but we both gave our words and Steve and I agreed to take the signs out of the yard until Monday when the official paperwork could be signed (there’s a longer story here, but I’m editing for length). Yes, we made a preliminary deal based on each other’s word. 

Are we crazy? Maybe, but Steve and I both have this gut feeling that all of this is meant to be. Of course we can change our minds by Monday and so could they, but I really think this is the direction we’re supposed to go and that things will work out right. I talked to my dad who told me to go for it. He said life is all about taking chances and he knew Steve would have a job in no time. I’m still really calm about the whole thing. Since when did I get so zen about things? Am I – dare I say it – becoming an adult?!

I said from the beginning that the house we found was supposed to be ours and no one else’s. Now I feel like all the stress of getting our house ready, packing, juggling emotions and Steve’s job status is all part of the journey that will end at the new house. It has lots of room so everyone is welcome to visit. And you can bet we’ll have a fabulous housewarming party and you’re all invited!

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