Melancholy Monday

Steve and I are both having a “case of the Mondays” (know the movie?!). I went to work for a few hours and he’s been working hard calling and emailing people today. We’re trying to stay positive, but each day gets harder. I know, I know it’s only Monday and he’s been unemployed for a grand total of four working days, but it’s still stressful. He has several irons in the fire, but no one has called or emailed today. I think the worst thing about all of this is the house being sold at the same time. When we first decided to put it on the market it was because we’d found the other house and were willing to work for it. Now that the sale of this one is pending what will happen if Steve doesn’t get a job? Sure, we could temporarily live with Duane and Prudy, but what then? What if the other house sells before Steve gets another job? Will there be a financing problem if there is an interim and Steve’s on Unemployment? It’s all the change and uncertainty that makes all of this hard to swallow. I hope tomorrow is a better day.


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2 responses to “Melancholy Monday

  1. Keep your chin up, something will come along. I know you guys will come out of this on top.

  2. Pamela Witte

    Okay: you canNOT play this ‘what if’ game with yourself. Things are so far from awful! A week without a job is not going to endanger anything. Stop dwelling on the negative stuff, and go back to being all ‘zen’ about this period in your life. Remember: you can’t enjoy the rainbow without having a little rain first…and that’s exactly what you’re having a LITTLE rain.

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