Waiting Game

Yesterday Steve had his second interview with a company and things went very well. We’re hopeful that an offer will be presented today or at least this week. In the meantime, the buyers of our house looked over the contract and are scheduled to sign papers on Saturday. Of course, if Steve doesn’t have a job, I don’t think I’m going to be able to let the sale go through. I just can’t deal with selling the house and joblessness all at the same time.

We’re trying to stay positive. Today, Pavel told me that his friend Doug has a really nice rental house with no tenants and would make us a deal if we need a place to stay. Duane and Prudy still have the free basement offer and our cats would stay at Duane’s studio. We have options, but I just don’t want to sell my house until the job thing is secure. Call me crazy, but I need some stability right now!

I’ll keep you posted on all the happenings.


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4 responses to “Waiting Game

  1. Pamela Witte

    I’m beginning to believe you’re not very good at free-falling. 🙂 Teasing! I think you’re going to come out of this much stronger than before. And you know what? If you don’t sell the house, you don’t sell it. You can have a party celebrating THAT. I’ll bring the dip.

  2. What was your first clue I wasn’t good at free-falling?! This whole experience has forced Steve and I to take stock in what we have and re-assess our spending habits. If that’s the only thing we take from this experience, then it will be worth it!

  3. Carrie

    It is not the most fun option, but you may be right that it is the wisest. (I am definitely the cautious variety.) In any case, I don’t think that you will have to employ it, because I’ll bet you anything that Steve has a job before the weeks end!

  4. Miriam

    How funny! We also have a friend who has a friend named Doug who may have a rental for us if we can’t find a house in time….wonder if it is the same Doug and the same rental?! I so hope for you guys that the offer does come through for Steve’s job – it would be crazy but perfect timing! We are going to look at one last house today (have looked at 15+ in the last 48 hours) and if it isn’t going to work, we also will be going rental…although the idea of moving twice is less than appealing. Hang in there!!!

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