So Many Friends

Since I’ve spent so much time lately talking about how stressed out I am, I thought I’d devote some space to my friends who have done so much to keep us sane. Thank you to everyone!

• Mick and Carrie had us over for a wonderful dinner Sunday night. The Puttanesca was fantastic! I think we have a new favorite Sunday dinner.

• Duane and Prudy treated us to a delicious dinner at Clary’s the night after Steve lost his job. It was good to laugh with them and forget about everything for awhile.

• Duane and Prudy also generously offered (more than once) to let us stay at their house and to board the kitties at Duane’s studio.

• My dad and Pamela have given me some good smacks upside the head when I was getting emotionally out of control. They both told me what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it! They are also two of the few people who can tell me these things without pissing me off.

• Pamela offered to organize a benefit event for Steve and I if money became too tight. I love how positive and proactive she is about all of this! Plus, Pamela has a truck so we may need her services in the future.

• Pavel is letting me work out for free right now which is keeping me sane.

• Pavel also said he’d help us find a rental place if we need it in the interim. Hope we don’t, but it’s nice to know it’s out there.

• Sarah Perkins is so confident Steve will have a job soon that she said we should go ahead with the house stuff and she’d co-sign on the loan if necessary. I don’t know if she can actually do that, but it was the nicest gesture. She was serious and Sarah doesn’t offer if she doesn’t mean it.

• Dad and Karen told me if we needed any extra money in the interim they would help. Plus, Karen offered to come down and help paint the new house when (not if) we get it.

Daily phone calls, generous offers and positive thinking are what’s holding us together. Thanks to everyone who talked me off a ledge or gave me something positive to think about when I was in a negative spiral. I love you all!

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