Square One

We’re back to square one on both houses. The buyers of our house are out which means I have to clean up all the messes we made packing and get this thing “show ready” again. We heard from the seller of the other house and he doesn’t want to play ball. He’s being a hardass and we’re not going to deal with him right now. I think we’ll reject his second counter (in which he didn’t move hardly at all) and just re-offer when/if the time comes. In the meantime, I’m slowly accepting the fact we might not move at all. I’ll give this house some time back on the market and see what happens in the next 60 days. 

If we stay here I do have some plans for the house. First, I’ll repaint the entire bathroom to colors I like. I’m thinking of a grey/white/orange theme. Then, I’ll finally get curtains for the den and I may attempt to repaint the basement. When we move stuff back in from storage I’ll be severely cutting back on excess stuff. Maybe I’ll have a fall garage sale (even though I vowed never to do THAT again!). I know I’ll come out of all this in a better place, but it’s wearing me out in the meantime.

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