Cheese and Rice*

Never ask the question, “what next?” unless you’re prepared for the answer. Today was the day of waiting and we got some good news and some, well, possibly bad news. First, the good news. Steve got a call from the other company and he’s their #1 choice. All they have to do is complete the paperwork and get the offer letter ready and he’s in. Bad news is that it will probably be next week until he gets the official green light. Still, it’s a job and we’re not complaining!

But wait, there’s more. Our buyers emailed us and want out of the contract. They received the home inspection and are speculating that the chimney could need $2,500 worth of repairs. This speculation is all based on cracked mortar around the top. Basically, without a chimney inspection, they went off the deep end. Well, it was really Becky who decided the house was just too much for her to deal with. Apparently Paul told her that old homes need repairs and nothing in the inspection was a surprise to him. They got into a huge fight and Paul decided his marriage was more important than our house. Now, they have an out with the inspection, but I’m pissed that we’re possibly back to square one. Steve called Paul and Paul said he loves the house but can’t get Becky’s mind changed. Steve suggested that we leave everything until morning when everyone has a clearer head. Paul agreed.

Then there’s the house we’re trying to go to contract on. The sellers have not responded to our last offer, but apparently will tomorrow. So it’s another night of uncertainty here. I’m so tired of all this crap.

* Cheese and rice is what I say instead of Jesus Christ, which is a bit sacrilegious. Never mind all the cuss words I use daily…


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3 responses to “Cheese and Rice*

  1. Miriam

    My goodness – this is crazy!!! I bet you’re starting to feel like nothing is ever simple! Yeah – however – for Steve’s almost job! Hope it is one he likes. Big bummer on your house, but seriously if they don’t buy it – someone will – you have an awesome house in an incredible neighborhood. Hope today brings more certainty! It looks like we will be moving into a rental house and biding our time until our “dream house” comes on the market.

  2. Pamela Witte

    Well, all I can think of are platitudes and trite sayings…and I hate it when people throw them at me when I’m trying to cope, so I won’t throw them at you. But I know you’re going to be fine. Quit being so impatient. 🙂

  3. Wow, what a ride you’ve been on. I miss you so much! I’ve been wanting to drop you a line again but I’m on a HUGE deadline from now till about Friday. Let’s catch up soon. Please add my congrats to Steve on the ?phone call of offer? Is that the right phrase?

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