On The Market

At 9 a.m. Steve put the sign in the front yard. By 3 p.m. we had a call and an appointment for Saturday. Now, I know this doesn’t mean that these people will fall in love with our house and buy it, but it makes me feel good to think at least someone is looking. Wish us luck! Even if they do buy it, we still have to re-negotiate the other house offer. Hey, third time’s the charm, right?

We both needed a break, and a trip to Target was necessary, so we spent the afternoon out and about. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to check out the 75% off shoe sale at Dillard’s. Nothing caught my eye so I left empty-handed. I did find a really cute shirt at Old Navy which I paid for using some Gap Rewards $$ I’d accrued so the shirt was free (well, not really since I had to spend money to get the reward, but it felt free). Then I went to the Banana Republic sale and scored some gorgeous grey pinstriped pants marked down from $110 to $41.97. Add another reward card and my birthday gift certificate and I still have money left! This whole frugal thing can be fun. I did make up for my savings by spending $32 at Target, but I stuck to my list and didn’t get anything we didn’t need. 

To quote Henry Higgins, “By George, I think she’s got it!”

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  1. the friendly beer and cheese pusher

    Didn’t you buy some Oberon that day too!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I love your site!! This is the first time looking at it (i was a virgin) I say cheese and rice too!!
    Oh, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, It’s Traci!!!

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