Cake Wrecks

Ok, here’s a phrase I bet you never thought you’d hear from me, “I read about this site in the Wall Street Journal.” Thanks to WSJ, I discovered the funniest site today dedicated to cakes gone horribly wrong. Do yourself a favor and visit [Cake Wrecks]( and have a fun Friday.


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5 responses to “Cake Wrecks

  1. Tammy – I think you should know that someone has gotten into your blog and posted something without your permission – it refers to the Wall Street Journal and even though they make it sound like you wrote it, I know you would never ditch reading stuff like Lucky or Allure for something as BORING as the WSJ! Unless of course it was section C (Personal Journal) or the Weekend Section on Fridays – those were always my personal faves.

    Great website – you made me look!

  2. Carrie

    This is great! My favorite is the “Baby in Pink”

  3. Miriam

    Alex and I just had some great laughs from the cake blog!

  4. Hi Tammy! I’ve known about Cake Wrecks for quite some time now, it’s hilarious! I’m sure everything will work out fine with your house/job deal. My sister lost her high paying job in November last year. Since then, she’s really re-evaluated what’s important and her spending habits. You guys have a lot in common, especially with the fashion thing. She’s sold $1,600 of her clothes on ebay since August 6, I’m not kidding. I’m linking your blog up to mine.

  5. Jen

    Hi there! Just found your blog on accident, and I was wondering which day’s Journal you saw that article in. (I’d been told it never ran.)

    I’m so glad you like the site! Thanks for the shout-out.

    Cake Wrecks Jen

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