Wishin' and Hopin'

Steve and I are playing the waiting game on, well, just about everything and it’s beginning to make us both crazy. First, there’s the job offer which is still not official. We’re hoping a formal offer will be made on Tuesday which is when Bonnie (the woman hiring) gets back from vacation. We knew it would be a week after she called him on Tuesday, but both tired of waiting.

Then there’s the house game which is getting old. I’m so disappointed in the last buyers backing out and I’m anxious to have an answer to the question of whether or not we’ll move. Our plans are to have the house up for sale until mid-October and then just take it off the market for the winter. We don’t have to sell, but we both really want the other house. Patience is a virtue but it’s not one of mine!

Today we decided to have an open house since other houses in the neighborhood were also open. We’ll see what happens. Wish us luck, patience and peace!

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