Sibling Revelry

I was four when my sister was born and I was not interested in her at all. The day she came home from the hospital I’d been to the zoo. I took one look at her and went to my bedroom to hide the peanuts I’d come home with so she wouldn’t take them. It was that way between us for a long time. Something happened when she was in college and we began to bond. She called me with her boyfriend woes, I told her about my then-marriage woes and we became friends. Now, I’m proud to call her my sister and she’s also my best friend.


She’s been worried about all the stress Steve and I have been through lately and wanted to do something. Knowing I didn’t have the money for a massage, she treated me to one yesterday. It was much needed bliss. My regular massage therapist gave me extra time (I usually get 1 1/2 hours for the price of 1 hour) and I left feeling renewed. Thanks, Ralph, for a great gift. I guess what I said when I was about six years old is true, I really do love you!

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  1. Tell Steve I tried to leave a comment for him on the Hot Roast Beef Sundae but can’t figure out how to leave one with his new format. I’d like to know the WW points for it (without the healthy cherry tomato of course).

    Ah memories of the day Ralph got lost at the mall – and to think you thought Aunt Susie would be nicer than me – hey, I’m not as mean as Becky’s mom and apparently not as mean as John’s either!

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