Open and Shut Case

Today we had another open house and things didn’t go well. The first people to stop were neighbors who had told a friend about our house. He came a few minutes later and looked around but I got the feeling he wasn’t really in the market for a house. Apparently he has a house south of town and had expressed a desire to live closer to campus but I don’t think he was seriously looking. The next couple, I think, were just looking out of curiosity. The last couple loved the house but said it was too small for their needs.


That was it for the day. I’m discouraged. We had very few phone calls this week and didn’t show the house once. I swear, if one more person tells me how bad the market is I’m going to hurt them. I know the market is bad. I know the house won’t sell immediately. I know things have changed over the last year. I’m not a freakin’ moron! Now, tell me something positive or shut your yapper! Sorry, it’s been a long week here and I’m a bit edgy.


Steve heard from his (hopefully) potential employer and they are putting an offer letter together. They are sending the letter to the president of the company for final approval because they are wanting to offer him more money than the position was initially approved for. We have no objections to more money but we’re both tired of the waiting game. Will he get the job? Will we sell the house? Will we get the other house? When will it all happen? Argh!

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