The Inspection

Today I spent 3.5 hours at the new house while it was being inspected. I passed the time by measuring windows for curtains, measuring the bedroom wall where I want to place the bed and following the inspector around to find out what he was uncovering. Nothing was too major – lots of cosmetic things we already knew about – but we’re waiting to see if the house has ever been treated for termites. No sign of them, but the house is supposed to have been treated so we’ll probably ask that the owner take care of that before we move. Otherwise, there was some electrical things of concern and some floor damage from a leak, but nothing we can’t handle. The house is 35 years old so we certainly don’t expect it to be perfect. My only concerns were any structural damage, roof damage, major electrical/H-VAC problems, etc. So far nothing is too awful. We’re still waiting to hear when the buyers of our house have scheduled their inspection. I hope it’s soon because I want to get it all done and keep moving.


Speaking of moving, this is going to be quite a juggling act. We have to turn over the keys to our house at closing and be completely moved. Today I rented another storage unit so we can fill it with everything except the furniture the movers will be responsible for. Then, on the day of closing, we’ll have the movers show up in the morning, load the furniture, and take it over to the new house right after we close. We’re planning to spend a couple of nights at Duane and Prudy’s and take the cats over to Duane’s studio the morning of the move. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Oh, and did I mention our closing date is October 24 and we’ve planned a week-long trip for mid-October thus shortening the time we have to pack? Thank goodness we did a lot of pre-packing to get the house ready to sell. I have no idea what my mental state would be if I was starting this project from scratch!


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3 responses to “The Inspection

  1. Cindy

    I’m so happy to hear that you are moving forward with your new home. It sounds so exciting. I will be more than happy to help you move. Just let me know where you need me. I mean it!

  2. Are you sure you really want to help move, because I can put you to work! Seriously, that’s a sweet offer. How about you help me paint the new house?!

  3. Put me down for painting too since we have company staying with us when you are actually moving.

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