Inspectors, Electricians and Gutters, Oh My!

What a week! I’ve had a crash course in home inspections and improvements.We received the kidnapper’s buyer’s list of demands and have agreed to meet them. In the meantime, we’ve submitted our list to the seller and are waiting to hear from him. Our past dealings with him tell me that he probably won’t budge, but at least, by law, he has to treat the house for termites (there were none but the house hasn’t been treated).


Our buyers want to close a week earlier than planned. Sure, we don’t have to do it, but it might not be a bad idea. Of course, this puts us working overtime to get everything packed and moved. I think if we move up the closing date we’ll take 24 hours after closing before handing them the keys. I’d love to get a head start on the other house, but am anxious about getting all this crap packed and out of here. Steve’s calm about it and seems to think it’s very doable. I have to trust him on this one otherwise I’ll go crazy.


The left side of my brain woke up recently and started asking questions about whether or not this is a good move. My gut told me, from the beginning, that the house we’re buying is worth the work. I still believe it but I have to say I’m growing a bit weary. We’ve put so much work into our current house recently and still have work to go. Plus, I cannot and will not live with the downstairs paint colors in the new house. The living room is painted institutional green and must be repainted immediately. The upstairs can wait. Mom and Cindy have volunteered to help paint which is a real lifesaver for me. The thought of packing and unpacking my studio is exhausting and I still am not sure how my gas/oxygen tanks will be hosed into the new space. Perhaps handyman Burl can help out with that. Again, I’m learning to let people help me when I need it. This is still new for me.


Bottom line is that I really love my current house but I know I’ll really love the new one once I have all the work done. It’s doing all the work that’s so tiring! Anyone willing to help will receive our undying gratitude, food and alcohol or beverage of choice. Plus, personal shopper services will always be available!


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2 responses to “Inspectors, Electricians and Gutters, Oh My!

  1. Cindy

    I can’t offer sympathy (we are in the middle of major work here, with a long way to go), but I have lots of empathy. Moving is hard work – I had total amnesia with this last one and had completely forgotten just how much hassle it all is. Whether you move to another country, a new state, or next door, you still have to pack up and move every single item you own. If you move a long distance, it’s a ton of work, but you get it done all at once. When you move in town, it seems easier, but the process can get strung out forever.

    Plus we are adding a bathroom, adding on to the back of the house, gutting the kitchen and two bedrooms, refinishing or installing new wood floors, and painting what remains. It can be completely overwhelming, especially when you’re living through it. I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it.

    And after this, I think we can truly never move again – with the current state of the economy, we’ll never be able to afford it – ! But I’ll have the fifth version of my dream house (every house we’ve ever bought has been my dream house), so we will be happy.

  2. Hey I was willing to work for free but if you insist, I’ll take that food and alcohol – Bud Light Lime please!

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