The Hurricane

Our house is already trashed due to all the packing we’ve been doing over the last week, but my sister knows how to add to the chaos. She arrived late Friday night to attend her HS reunion and stayed with us since mom and Burl were out of town. I always love spending time with my sister, but it’s amusing how such a small person can take up so much space. For example, here’s how our guest room floor looked during her visit (ok, the cowboys boots are mine, but everything else is hers):



Here’s what the bed looks like:



And because she tends to leave a trail, including Lydia’s socks she left in my car, here are her shoes in the hallway right outside the bathroom:



Finally, here’s the pile by the front door. Now, in her defense, I did put the beer there so she wouldn’t forget it. You know, priorities!



I look forward to her next visit when she can have her own room and bathroom in the new house. She’ll have plenty of space to spread out and leave things!

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  1. Too funny! My sister is here with her daughter who is almost four….. for two weeks! Our house looks so bad, I won’t even post photos on my blog!

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