The Hurricane – Part 2

Last year we planned a trip to Cabo with our friends Duane and Prudy. We bought plane tickets in May and were excited about the trip. Then Steve lost his job and our savings cushion deflated. We thought maybe we could still go, especially since we’d bought the tickets, but I knew that it would be too much of a financial stretch with the house buying. About three weeks ago we finally threw in the towel and told Duane and Prudy there was no way we could go. They understood and said we could plan a trip next year so no hard feelings. We knew they were disappointed, but they understood the situation. The plane tickets can be transferred to another trip so we’re hoping for Santa Fe or New York next fall. In the meantime, Cabo is in the path of Hurricane Norbert which means we’re praying for Duane and Prudy to have a safe trip. I don’t think I would be any good in a hurricane so I’m really glad we chose not to go this year. As mom always said, “Everything happens for a reason.” Just don’t tell her I listened!


In moving news we’re still waiting to hear from the appraiser who’s taking her sweet time getting back with us. We don’t anticipate any big problems, but whatever she wants fixed on the house we’re buying must be done before closing. Which is in a week. Seven days. Eek! I keep telling myself that this is all going to go through so I shouldn’t worry. Breathe, breathe.


Today is another exciting day of packing. I took down the studio on Wednesday which makes the basement feel weird and empty. This weekend Steve will be finishing up the outside painting, fix the cracks in the chimney and haul stuff to the storage unit. I can’t wait for this to be over and done!

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  1. OMG – you listened to your mother? Don’t you know she really doesn’t know anything – she just recycled all the stuff her mother told her. It’s all one big giant LIE – oh, but I guess I’m not supposed to tell you that, am I?

    Seriously, I’m praying for peace for you for the next 7 days – calm, peace, less stress and happiness and joy when this move is behind you. You WILL get through it – that’s another “Momism”! Trust me, I heard it more than once myself – and I still do in those tapes that play in my mind.

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