We received a very funny phone call from Duane and Prudy assuring us they had arrived in Cabo, were fine, were on their second (or was it third) margarita and that they missed us. Looks like the hurricane is going to miss them so they should have a very relaxing week. Duane said they’d pulled up two empty chairs and toasted to us. What a couple of great friends! Next year, if all goes well, we’ll be there too.


The hurricane has officially hit our house. It’s a disaster. Every time I begin to think I may have a handle on packing I take a break, look around and wonder how in the world I’ll get it all out of here. Steve’s outside finishing up the painting and I’m inside attempting to pack everything that isn’t absolutely necessary in the next week. Tidbit has been wandering around the house all upset about the commotion but he finally calmed down and is snoozing under the bed. Littles doesn’t seem too phased by it all as she’s sleeping on top of a stack of boxes in the back room. I’d like to think things will be better when we move, but it’s just going to be another few weeks of chaos. At least unpacking is more fun than packing!

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