The Wait is Almost Over

We close on Friday and I’m getting excited. Sure, we have a lot of work to do both in moving and prepping the new house, but it’s exciting to think about living somewhere else. Our current neighborhood, Rountree, carries a certain prestige in the area. The homes are older, the streets are lined with mature trees, the elementary school is respected, we’re close to MSU and the atmosphere is family-friendly. But, I’m ready to move to another area. I’m tired of the excessive closeness of my neighbors, the busy street, college kids partying nearby and the size of my house. I never thought I’d want to leave, and I know I’ll miss walking to class, but I think it’s time for a change.


I met one of my new neighbors yesterday when I was at the house dealing with the exterminator. I think her name is Tracy and she lives across the street. She seems really nice, has kids and filled me in on the other neighbors. She offered to come over once we’re move in and tell us about the landscaping around our house. Most of it has died but she said many of the plants will return next year. She also told me that the yellow paint on the outside of the house is newer and the old color, which I thought was grey, was actually grey-blue – ick. I told her we’d be painting the house dark grey in the near future. At least, that’s the plan. Who knows what will actually happen once we’re settled! Knowing me, I’ll wait 5-7 years or whenever the old paint starts to peel before doing something about it.


Steve and I finished the painting on the outside of the house so all that’s left is the final packing and moving. I’m going to organize boxes today and take more stuff to the storage unit just so I can get it out of the way. Steve will be off the rest of the week so I’ll have his help tomorrow and Thursday. Tomorrow we move to Duane and Prudy’s basement bedroom so we can pack our bedding, towels, etc and get them out of here. I’m currently packing suitcases of first night necessities so we won’t have to dig through boxes to find our towels and sheets. Thursday we’re going to clean the new house so it will be move-in ready. I wish we could paint it before moving in the furniture, but that just can’t happen. Oh well, I told Steve to get ready to start on Saturday. I’m driven, baby!


A big shout out and thanks to Kevin for helping move boxes on Sunday and for cutting my l-shaped workbench in half. Also, a big thanks to Burl for loaning us the truck and trailer and the ladders and paint supplies. A huge thanks to mom for helping me pack and for supervising the movers on Friday so Steve and I can be at the closings. Her support has really meant a lot to me these past few months. Friends and family are making this all possible and keeping me out of the looney bin!


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2 responses to “The Wait is Almost Over

  1. Cindy

    Have fun … remember to breathe deeply on every possible occasion. I so do not envy the packing of the boxes. Just remember that unpacking is just as much a bitch as packing, because even when your house is bigger, it is different, and nothing will fit just right at first. But you’ll get it together.

    I will vicariously feel stress for you … or that’s what I’m telling you, anyway …

  2. Actually, I like unpacking. I’ve had so much time to plan where the furniture will go that I’m looking forward to seeing it all in person. As for the little stuff…well, I know it will be a PIA, but I’m excited about going through everything again.

    My favorite part about a new house? How clean it is at first. And how it may never be that clean again!

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