I'm Back

We’re officially moved and I’m exhausted. No, I didn’t get the entire house painted on Saturday, but I’m getting it done this week. Every day I work on something and every night Steve and I work together to get more done. Today we got our phone service back and now we have Internet even though AT&T screwed up the order and we’re not supposed to have it. I’m not complaining.


I have so much going on and new pictures of what we’ve done but I don’t have time to get them posted tonight. Steve’s changing clothes and we’re hanging pictures tonight. I do like to have things on the walls.


I do want to give a HUGE thanks to my mom for helping us on Friday and Saturday and for her painting help yesterday. Step-sis Cindy was another huge help with loading and unloading of all the boxes. Both of them made the biggest part of the move almost bearable! Another HUGE thanks to Carrie for coming to our rescue on Friday when mom had to leave and we had an hour to get the final bit of stuff out of the old house. Julie, our former neighbor, was a guardian angel who helped Steve corral Tidbit (who did not want to move) and let us dump stuff on her lawn to pick up later. Burl was our fabulous handyman on Saturday when we needed electrical help and our new locks installed. Thank goodness he was here because the lock installation seemed like quite a challenge. The Guccione family arrived to help load the trailer, unload more boxes, empty said boxes and bless the new house. Yep, we’re quite blessed with great friends and great family. Thanks to everyone who loves us enough to help with the dirty work!

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