Dial "I" For Internet

AT&T is on my list. They’ve messed up our DSL and now we’re waiting for the connection to happen so we can have normal Internet access. In the meantime, I’m sporadically checking email because I, quite frankly, don’t have the patience to wait for the connection!


We’re mostly settled and getting ready for the first big party in the house – the housewarming. I can’t wait to entertain because this house was just made for parties. Here are some of the fun (and funny) things we’ve discovered in the past two weeks:


• Leftovers from the previous owners. First it was a foot spa in the bathroom, then a partial set of dentures and finally a bra behind the washer.


• A hidden compartment in the wet-bar area. Previous drug stash? Who knows. It had leftover tile in it when Steve discovered it.


• When the house was being inspected for termites, the exterminator found a cow skull in the crawl space. A leftover from some tragic 1980s southwestern decor? Who knows!


• We have a really nice electric awning on the deck, however it doesn’t seem to cover anything significant. It should have been installed over the front deck. Instead it’s over the back door which doesn’t need protection from the sun. Weird.


• We had the place exterminated before we moved in and kept finding dead or half-dead wasps inside. Forget spiders, this place had wasps.


• An architect friend pointed out that all the flat ceilings are wood and all the slanted ceilings are “popcorn.” The structure of the house is set up so that all the angles are ones you’d find in a right triangle – 30/60/90. If you look out of the upstairs bathroom doorway, the lines of the window, ceiling and wall all line up. Very cool. During the day, the sunlight even follows these rules.


• We found the title abstract in a drawer which included a brochure for the subdivision. The area was developed in 1959. We’re still researching who might have designed this particular house.


• We keep finding weird yard ornaments around the house. First, it was two hanging pieces over the deck, then Steve uncovered some foam “stepping stones” by the downstairs patio yesterday. We have a lot of clean up to do next spring.


That’s all I can think of for now, but I’m sure I’ll have more to add to the list. All in all, we feel like we’ve lived here for years. The old house seems like a distant memory. It’s amazing how all of our furniture and accessories just fit right in here. We’re truly blessed.

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