Feeling Normal

Our high-speed Internet has returned! Now I can check my email regularly and actually keep up with blogging. Life is starting to feel normal.


The house is coming together quite well. We had our first party this last weekend and it was a success. It’s so nice to have room for people to move around and enjoy themselves. I did discover that having several levels means wearing heels is painful! I had no idea I’d do that much walking just to make sure everyone was having a good time! Next party, I’m in more comfortable shoes. The heels did make the outfit so I wasn’t willing to ditch them halfway through the event. I can’t sacrifice fashion for comfort, you know.


I spent Tuesday working in my new and improved studio. Super handyman Burl made me an awesome workbench out of solid wood doors. I now have plenty of room for my drill press, shear and tumbler. I do need more light, but I’m ok for now. Of course, I can’t find some things so I need to get back into the storage unit and bring home more boxes. I thought I had all the studio stuff unpacked except for enameling, but I’m missing some replacement drill bits and other items. At least it’s nothing that I need immediately.


Our next big event is Thanksgiving when we’ll have about 12 people here for dinner. My table seats eight comfortably, but I don’t think it will be a problem to extend it for 12. Thankfully, the dining room is large enough to do that and still have room to move around. Ralph and Blair will be our first overnight guests and the guest room is ready for them. I even prepared the loft for a couple of special little girls. I’m planning to get out my Little House books for the loft book shelves so we can sit up there and read. 


Life is good.

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  1. Pamela Witte

    I’m so sorry I missed the party…I heard it was a lot of fun. Hopefully you’ll invite me to another one!
    I’m stuck in “Misery” hell…the hobbling scene is the highlight of the show. Seriously. Three hours long, and the best part takes two minutes.
    Perhaps coffee sometime soon?

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