Weekend Warriors

It was a busy weekend here and I just now feel like I’m recovering. I had to work Friday and Saturday at the store so I wasn’t home much during the day and we had our evenings booked as well. Friday night Sarah and Dennis had us over for drinks and dinner and we had a wonderful evening just relaxing with them. Sarah is a great cook and concocted a dinner of finger foods that was delicious and fun to eat. We sat at the kitchen bar listening to great music, eating, drinking and talking. A nice end to a busy week.


Saturday night Steve finally got to showcase his culinary skills in the new kitchen. It was the day after Mary’s birthday and we treated her and her family to a nice dinner here. Steve wowed us with butternut squash risotto, potato leek soup, chicken with proscuitto and white cake with homemade frosting. Doug and Mary brought some nice red wine and we had a great evening. Sam and Maddie, their kids, were adorable and I felt like we were celebrating with family. I knew this would be a tough birthday for Mary, since her mom died earlier this year, so I was glad we could go the extra mile for a great meal. Thanks, Steve, for all your hard work and for cleaning the stove after cooking!


I’m feeling the crunch to get stuff made for WinterFest which will be here in just a couple of weeks. It’s funny how, when I’m really stressed about deadlines, I tend to become flighty and unfocused. The studio is up and working so I really have no excuse. With that said, I guess I’d better stop writing and get to work. Hope your day is productive!

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