Back To Normal

Our house has officially returned to normal. Steve and I took down the two aluminum trees last night and declared Christmas over. I used to love the season and love decorating my home, but the last few years have been stressful for me and I’ve had a hard time really enjoying Christmas. This year I didn’t feel like decorating the new home because we’d just arranged everything the way we wanted and I wasn’t in the mood to mess things up for Christmas. We put up about 1/4 of our normal decor which made taking it down much easier! Next year we’ll probably get out everything, reassess what we have and get rid of some extra stuff. One thing for sure is that our ornament collection won’t get any smaller! I still love collecting them.


We’re anticipating a quiet New Year celebration. I think the last time I actually got dressed up and celebrated was the year I was 21. New Year’s Eve has never been a big deal for me and I just enjoy a quiet evening at home with Steve and maybe another couple. I think we’ll end up doing dinner and movies with Valerie and Kevin – probably at their house since they have a huge tv! Today I have to work so I need to quit blogging and head to the shower. It’s supposed to be 60 degrees here today so I’ll be volunteering to run errands for the store!

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