Beat it, 2008

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2008 and I, for one, am happy to see it go. I’m not one to take the day to reflect on the past year but if I were, I would have had my fill just by watching the Today Show. It seemed like every half hour they were playing a “best of” montage of the previous year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being crabby about 2008 and the year had its moments (good and bad) but I prefer to look ahead.


So, what do I plan to do in 2009? Well, that’s a good question. I’m hoping to take charge of my finances and make better monetary decisions, take a glass blowing class, lose some weight (I’ll take any amount here), help my sister move and celebrate her new home, experiment with enamels, expand my granulation line, and just try to be a happier person. None of these are resolutions, but more like guidelines for the coming year. What do you want to accomplish next year?

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  1. I love you word of guidelines instead of resolutions. Naturally mine will include the weight loss thing – that’s a no-brainer except at the moment I’ll be happy with maintaining instead of gaining. I seem to know how to gain quite well, thank you.

    Good luck on your guidelines – knowing how goal-oriented you are, I’m putting my $ on you accomplishing all of them and more.

    Happy New Year – I miss you.

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