Freaky Friday

What a day I had yesterday! I woke up feeling good because I knew it would be warm and sunny outside. Little did I know that a nice forecast couldn’t prevent the day from being a near disaster.


Our 7 year-old Accord had been leaking transmission fluid since we’d hit a ginormous pothole on New Year’s Day. We were hopeful that it was just a seal problem but it wasn’t. We need an entire new transmission. That huge pothole had torn apart our transmission to the point where it has to be replaced rather than fixed. Before he called me with the news, Steve wisely called our insurance agent who said it would be covered under our collision insurance. Thank God. I have no idea where we would have found $3,000 to fix it. Not only will it be fixed through our insurance, but we’ll have a rental car in the meantime.


Ok, I recovered from that shock and prepared myself to go into work to get some photos to scan for my boss. The garage door decided it wasn’t going to close. The sensor kept triggering and the door wouldn’t shut. Grrr. I called Steve and he suggested, since I couldn’t figure out the problem, I disable the door and close it manually. Keep in mind, my car is running and my purse is in it. I disabled the door, with Steve on the phone, and began to close it when both of my hands got caught in between the panels. Cue blood-curdling scream and mass cursing. Steve’s still on the phone and I can barely breathe due to the pain. He freaks out, naturally, and I start getting angry. He asks if I can drive myself to the ER. I tell him I can’t and I wouldn’t go there anyway. About 15 minutes later I can breathe almost normally but my fingers are throbbing and I’m still in a world of pain. Steve is on his way home, but it will take him almost 45 minutes to get here. I tell him that by the time he arrives I’ll be fine so not to bother. He comes anyway. I realize that I’ve left the car running in the driveway, but now have my hands on ice and can’t move. I call mom who comes over and takes care of the car, the purse and the phone call from my sister, who’s a nurse. I spend the rest of the day and evening with my fingers on ice packs and a steady supply of Tylenol. That, and a couple of beers.


Today my fingers are very tender and red, but it looks like I won’t lose any nails. What a day. I’m planning on doing a big load of nothing today. Maybe I’ll read a book. My mom has lent me The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Killer which I’m anxious to crack open. Now I need to quit typing because my fingers are starting to hurt!

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