Updates on Life

Wow, has it really been a week since I posted? I hate to let down the three people who read this so I figured I should give them an update. First, my fingers. I’m amazed at how quickly they’ve healed after the smashing they received last week. What’s really crazy is that I have no bruising. I guess it’s because I kept them on ice for several hours after the event. I have some tingling in the fingers on my left hand and my nurse, Ralph, says it could stay that way for a while. It’s weird how it feels like it almost didn’t happen, yet it was the most painful thing I’ve experienced.


Speaking of pain, it looks like our wallet is going to take a huge hit on this car thing. After several days of inspections by our insurance company and the car dealer, it was determined that the transmission couldn’t have been broken by hitting a pothole. Steve talked to the repair supervisor and relayed his concerns that a 7 year old car with only 89,000 miles on it would need an entirely new transmission. Sounded a bit weird. Apparently, Honda Accords made from 1998-2001 had transmission problems. Of course, we have a 2002 Accord. The supervisor appealed to Honda and it was agreed that we would get a discount on a new transmission. $500 doesn’t sound like a lot when the bill is $2,600, but I’m not going to turn down some free money. We should get the car back on Tuesday.


After living in our new home for only three months we refinanced and saved $150 on our mortgage. Our mortgage broker called us a month ago and told us the rates had dropped significantly enough to consider refinancing. Yesterday we closed and we don’t have a payment until March which means the February payment can go towards the new transmission. I’d rather save or invest that money, but at least I don’t have to charge the whole transmission job.


Steve and I have been trying to rethink money and make better decisions. Problem is that I like to shop and Steve likes to eat out so we tend to spend more than we should on the little things. Friends Alex and Miriam took a class through their church on money management and it changed the way they live so dramatically that they’ve recommended it to all their friends. Mom told me that her church was going to present the class so Steve and I signed up for it. What I’m hoping to get out of it is a new outlook on spending, less fighting with Steve about money and lessons on budgeting that we can both live with. I’ll let you know how things go.


I guess that’s my week in a nutshell. It’s been bitterly cold here so we’ve tried to stay warm. Have a good weekend.


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4 responses to “Updates on Life

  1. Cindy

    We closed at over 6 percent in July and will be refinancing soon at closer to 5 percent – we will save lots of $$$. We should be able to roll all these remodeling expenses into the loan and still come out with a mortgage that is significantly less than what we were paying for a less expensive house in Houston – go figure. On the other hands, our kids’ college funds have not fared so well. Win some, lose some – that’s how it goes, huh?

  2. We saved 1.5% on the refinance which means now we’re paying less on a larger house than we were paying on our old one. Despite the economy we managed to sell a house, buy another one and pay less.

    My annuity has also taken a hit. I just received my latest statement full of negatives. Oh well, I guess I’ll just leave it alone and hope it rebounds.

  3. Carrie

    Where is the class? My co-workers were talking about taking a finance class at their churches as well. (Why finance classes are being taught in churches, I have no idea…but hey, they all swear by it!) Getting our finances in order is a goal of Mick and I as well. We were doing great before we moved here, but have definitely gotten sloppy over the past couple of years!

  4. Miriam

    Yeah!!! I’m so excited that you guys signed up for Financial Peace University. I hope it gives you the same piece of mind and direction it gave Alex and I.

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