Dog Day Afternoon

My dad and his wife, Karen, visited yesterday for the first time in about five years. My dad doesn’t travel. At all. However, an exception was made because they were going to Seymour, MO to get their new puppy, a [Bernese Mountain Dog]( They came to our house first so they could see the new pad, then we had lunch at Mexican Villa before hitting to road to Seymour. Dad and Karen had already chosen their dog, a little female, from the litter and had received several pictures from the breeder. They had decided to name her Molly. I can’t resist a puppy so I just had to go along for the fun and to see the little thing up close and personal before she grew into her adult size of around 100 pounds. Let me tell you, these dogs are adorable.




This isn’t Molly, but she looks a lot like this one. They have the biggest paws! Molly didn’t like the car ride at first, but soon settled down for a snooze as we headed back to Springfield. Dad and Karen dropped me off at work and Molly got some extra loving from all the women of Harem and Company. My boss, Kathi, is an animal lover so she went wild over little Molly. Soon the fun was over and the crew had to get on the road to Jeff City. I called dad last night to check on things and he said Molly was adapting well, but she didn’t like being in her box for bedtime. I’m sure the next time I see her she will look quite different!


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2 responses to “Dog Day Afternoon

  1. Pamela Witte

    Your father makes me laugh. Okay, your description of your father makes me laugh. 🙂 Sweet puppy dog….

  2. Tim Smith

    Tammy, that Molly don’t know any more about being a mountain dog than the man in the moon. She’s just a puppy now, but — Karen! — Karen’s got pictures of her doing stuff. There’s no mountains in Jefferson City, but that puppy sure likes to play and climb on stuff. She’s a great dog.

    I could go on ALL DAY. I really miss your dad.

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