(Trying To Get) Back In The Saddle

I’m experiencing a creative block, much similar to writer’s block I guess. Basically, I have no idea what to make, I’m not inspired and the thought of spending time in my studio is mentally exhausting. Sure, I have lots of gaps to fill from the Christmas season, but I have no desire to work on my production line because that seems boring. No, I want something new to excite and motivate me into spending time in my studio. You’d think that having a new set-up and designated area would be enough to spark my interest, but it’s apparently not. This is why I usually take a spring semester class. The structure of a class forces me to think about creating something just for the assignment and not to overthink it as something I have to put in my regular jewelry line. However, I didn’t sign up for class because I wanted to be available to work extra hours at The Harem because Steve and I are trying to pay off some bills.


I would be a terrible motivational speaker. Most of my speeches would start out with, “What’s wrong with you? Just do it! You have no excuse for this laziness.” Oh yeah, I’m sure I’d get boo’d off the stage and probably have to duck rotten vegetables being thrown at my head. But this is what I tell myself almost daily. Between my motivational mantras and my crushing guilt of not utilizing my studio space it’s no wonder I’m experiencing any type of block!


I know this will pass. I seem to go through this annually after the rush of the Christmas season. I also have a couple of ideas floating around in my head so I know all the neurons are firing. In the meantime, I’ll fill myself with guilt, berate myself for not working and continually wonder why I can’t seem to be creative!

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  1. Angie Burlison

    Tammy…….I occasionaly stalk your blog.
    I am trying to contact you about a jewelry inquiry. Can you contact me?

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