Ice, Ice Baby

We don’t get snow here in Springfield. We get ice, sleet, freezing rain and sometimes all three in the same day. That’s what started late yesterday afternoon and is continuing today. The city is closed. Drury University and Missouri State have cancelled classes and closed offices – something that rarely happens. Steve works in Branson and it started getting slick there early yesterday afternoon so he planned ahead and is working from home today. Which means he’ll be in my way. I’m kidding (sort of)! I do like having him around on the weekends, but I’m used to my time alone during the week. Still, it was nice to have some coffee together this morning and I know he has work to do which means we won’t need to entertain each other.


I spent all day yesterday waiting for the cable guys to arrive. They said they’d be here between noon and 5 p.m. They arrived closer to 6 p.m. and took almost 1.5 hours to get us going. Apparently, the cable wiring for our house is really outdated and they had more work than they anticipated. It took three of them to get us up and running. Good news is that we got free installation and didn’t have to pay for it. Bad new is that since they arrived so late we missed some of our favorite show, House. Oh well, that’s what re-runs are for. Because I had to stay home all afternoon, I decided to do some sewing, which I haven’t done in probably 12 years or more. I had taken my machine in last fall for a tune-up but hadn’t used it. A few weeks ago I decided to get back into the sewing game with a simple pillow project. I figured I’d start out easy and work my way up to some clothes. Here’s what I made:




It was pretty easy, except the applique was hard to get perfectly square. Since the cable guys were so late, I even had time to make a second one. It was easier but I still didn’t get the applique perfect. Oh well, not bad for someone who hasn’t sewn in years. Unfortunately, I don’t have any material to make something else today and I’m iced in so I can’t go out and start another project. Guess I’ll be spending the day in the studio which I really need to do anyway. Hope it’s warm and ice/snow-free where you are. I’m just glad the ice hasn’t taken our electricity!


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2 responses to “Ice, Ice Baby

  1. Carrie

    I second that! An ice storm with electricity is just fine by me! 🙂

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