Confession of a Shopaholic

I don’t think it’s any real mystery that I love to shop. For just about anything. I’ve been known to pay too much for some things and get incredible bargains for others. The real joy in shopping, for me anyway, is scoring a great bargain on something I love.

My friend Valerie has recently started collecting old cassettes and VHS tapes. This means that whenever we go flea marketing, we usually have to stop at the Goodwill or Salvation Army Thrift Store to see if they have any of these things. I don’t mind thrift stores, I actually find them fun, but some are far and away better than others. Yesterday, Valerie and I headed to Ozark for some flea marketing and she said she wanted to stop at the Ozark Goodwill. Fine by me. We’d been there before and I liked the store. It’s clean, organized and doesn’t smell like b.o. and sweat socks. When we walked in we saw a rack of colorful men’s shirts that had just arrived. I couldn’t believe my eyes. These were Windsor Lake shirts I’d seen at Town and County (a local upscale clothing store) for over $100. The entire rack of shirts were new with the tags still on them and all of them were priced at…$5.93. Seriously. I immediately called Steve to see what size he wore in that brand since we’d bought him some one sale at T & C several years ago. They run big so I bought a size down. Although they were a huge bargain, I only bought him one shirt to see if he’d like it and told him to stop at the Goodwill on his way home and get another one or two. Heck, for $5.93 he could practically start an entire new shirt wardrobe for less than $100. But he doesn’t need to do that!

So there’s one of the shopping secrets I’m willing to share. Next time you’re in the area, stop by the Ozark Goodwill and see what’s new. You just never know what kind of great bargain you’ll find!


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2 responses to “Confession of a Shopaholic

  1. We took your adivce and stopped in there today. What a great store – so clean and neat with friendly staff. Burl picked out 2 shirts and we had fun just browsing. We’ll definitely go back. Thanks for the tip.

  2. The Goodwill on the northside, gets stuff from Target, new with tags! And the MCB (Mo Council for the Blind) is right next door. They get some real nice stuff as well. You’ll be seeing more of this as the stores are having troubles, they close and their stuff goes thrifty!

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