33 1/3

Today I decided to tackle a project I’ve been meaning to do since we moved. I organized my album collection. I also culled the herd, so to speak, and kept only the LPs that had the most meaning. I started off by putting all the records in one place. Then I divided them into two groups: records to play and records for art. Here’s what the floor was beginning to look like during the process:


Not too bad, but it was still a little overwhelming. Not as overwhelming as the day Valerie reorganized her record collection. It took her 10 hours to do it. Yep, 10 hours to organize all her albums. She has a stack of rejects almost as large as my entire collection. Looks like we’ll be having a garage sale again this year. But I digress. Once I had my two stacks it was time for sub- categories. First I took the artwork only albums and put them together by genre, color, artist or theme. Then I discarded the duplicates or ones I’d changed my mind about. Things were looking better:




Steve helped by taking these stacks upstairs so I could store my artwork albums in the game room and have the albums I play near the stereo. I divided those up into categories of rock, soundtracks, easy listening and jazz. Once that was done it was easy to alphabetize everything and put them away. I feel so organized now!

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