Busy, Busy, Busy

Whew! Last week was crazy as I worked extra hours at The Harem getting ready for a fashion show on Saturday. All went well, the models looked lovely and now it’s over and I can rest, at least until I go to work on Wednesday.


Last year I placed a jewelry ad in a publication called Designer Jewelry Showcase. It’s a catalog designed for galleries and stores to help them find great jewelry designs. It was mailed in late February and I’ve been wondering if my little spot would garner any attention. I didn’t have to wait long as I recently received an inquiry from a boutique in Chatham, NY. We’ve been chatting back and forth via email and I now have to get a wholesale list together, complete with photos, to send to them. Getting the wholesale list isn’t hard because I already have one, but I’ve fallen behind on my photos. Today I’m taking a photo inventory and setting up the in-house photo studio to take some pics. I’m planning to have them professionally done in the future, but I don’t want this lead to grow cold so I think some nice snapshots will do. Wish me luck!


I’ve also gotten some of my creativity back. I’m working really hard on some new granulation designs and will post some of the new pieces soon. I finished a pendant on Friday and received some rave reviews from my mentor and metals professor, Sarah Perkins. I could tell she was genuinely excited about the piece and that gave me the push to pursue more designs in that direction. I was hoping to work in the studio today, but I think photography is more important so I’ll save the granulation for tomorrow. Now, I need to stop writing and get some work done. Happy Monday everyone!

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