What To Wear?

As the saying goes, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, but I think March is suffering from multiple personality disorder. One day it’s 80, the next it’s 30. This poses a real problem when it comes to fashion. I talked to my boss last week, during a 75 degree day, and asked her how she fashionably deals with this transitional month. Here are some of her words of wisdom.


1. White denim or heavy cotton is acceptable all year round. You can pair your jeans with a black turtleneck in January and a bright t-shirt or sweater in the spring. Don’t be afraid to change up your wardrobe with a shot of white. I wore my white jeans to work in January and received rave reviews. Then I went to the mall after work and received stares of disbelief. What can I say, I live in Springfield.


2. Heavier, darker linens are also acceptable during this transitional season. Linen jackets can be paired with sleeveless turtlenecks and jeans for a chic look. Save the lightweight, lighter colored linens for May or June.


3. Crop pants are ok, but an ankle-length pant is probably your best bet for March and April. Again, darker colors are better, but pair them with bright sweaters or even a bright scarf so they look fresh. I like to wear my ankle pants with flats rather than sandals right now. I think it looks more season appropriate.


4. Layer, layer, layer. With cool mornings and warm afternoons, it’s important to layer. This year I finally found a great trench coat in a bright apple green and I wear that often. I also like cardigans and lighter jackets for this season.


5. Put away your heavy wools but keep out lightweight cashmere and heavy cottons. Many people wear cashmere almost year round so don’t think it has to go into storage the minute spring shows up on the calendar. Short-sleeved sweaters and cardigans are great investments.


Some of the most popular colors this year are orange, lime, lemon, raspberry, navy, coral and anything metallic. The main goal is to have fun with your clothes and feel good in them. If you’re a black clothing junkie (like I am) try to add a shot of color with a scarf, jacket or t-shirt. Now, go out there and look good everyone!

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