I brought this on myself. I bragged about how I’d managed to avoid all illnesses this winter and then I wound up sick. I should have known my time would come because this happens almost every year. Just when everyone has gotten over their colds and flus I end up getting sick. I felt fine yesterday morning. I went the the gym, came home, drank some coffee and got in the shower. Then I had a sneezing attack and everything went downhill from there. I knew I was in trouble when I felt like napping at 10 a.m.


I’m a terrible patient, as Steve can tell you. Rather than relax and take it easy, I get angry that I’m ill and look for someone or something to blame. Right now I”m blaming Steve for bringing his cold home (sorry honey!) even though I probably picked it up somewhere else. Today I’m going to make a trip to Target for the cold basics: Kleenex with lotion and the latest issue of People magazine. The good news is that I haven’t lost my sense of taste so at least I’ll feel like eating.

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