Bond. James Bond.

Last weekend Steve and I re-watched Casino Royale to prepare for Quantum of Solace. It’s a good thing we did because several characters reappear and the storyline continues about 1 hour after Casino Royale ends. I had heard that Quantum wasn’t as good as Casino but I wanted to give it a chance because, after all, it does have Daniel Craig as the latest Bond (mmmmm). Like all good action movies, it started with a heart-pounding car chase which was good, but got a little tiring after awhile. I don’t want to give away too much of the story since there are those who maybe want to see the movie, but I must say it was disappointing. The worst scene was a direct rip-off from Goldfinger (my #1.5 favorite Bond film). The whole problem with the movie wasn’t Daniel Craig or Judi Dench or even the action scenes. The problem was a lack of substance in the story line and the inability to give weight to any of the characters. In Casino, bad guy Le Chiffre was really, really bad and we all wanted him to die. This is a guy who cries blood and is determined to torture Bond into submission. The dude’s bad! The bad guy in this movie is a pansy who likes to wear his shirts unbuttoned just a little too far and doesn’t even wear a tux well. My favorite scene is at the opera, but that’s about it.

I give it a C+. It’s slightly above average, but not anything I’m dying to see again, unless I can edit the over-the-top action scenes and just see Daniel Craig in a tux. Or shirtless.

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