I Feel the Earth Move

It was October when we moved into our new house so working on the yard was not a priority. Although we first looked at the house in July, we don’t really remember much about the yard or any plants around it, but we did notice the two berms in the front. They weren’t hard to miss because they looked like two dirt boobs. I vowed they would be the first things to go once spring arrived.

We had planned to work in the yard yesterday, but it was so windy that we decided to tackle the garage instead. I called my neighbor and told her she was welcome to take any and all leftover yard ornaments from the previous owners. I’m not a fan of concrete angels or birdbaths, but she is and I wanted her to have them. She mentioned that she knew most of the plants in the berms because they had been created last spring. I told her that Steve and I had decided to demolish the berms and plant two maple trees instead so she was welcome to take any and all the plants out of them. She was thrilled and arrived yesterday afternoon to start digging. In a short time, one of the berms was almost flat and all the plants were gone! Plus, she’d taken all kinds of yard decor that I probably would have either trashed or put in the garage sale. Since we’re expecting a hard freeze tonight it will probably be a couple of weeks before the next berm is demolished but I’m looking forward to a flat front yard. She gets all kinds of new plants and we get a nicer yard. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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