The Piano

Once upon a time I knew how to play the piano and I was pretty good at it. I actually enjoyed it and viewed practicing as something relaxing to do. I grew up playing the piano my dad played which belonged to his grandmother. It was an old upright with a rich sound and ivory keys. I loved it. Then, sometime in the mid-eighties, my parents got divorced and I inherited the piano. I probably offered to take it, but I don’t remember. Somehow it ended up in my one-bedroom apartment and I occasionally played it but I didn’t have the passion for it I’d had in the past. I was in college and learning how to play the saxophone which I deemed a much cooler instrument. When I moved, the piano ended up in my grandparent’s house, but I always thought I’d have it again.

When Steve and I moved into our first house we didn’t have room for the piano and it stayed at my grandparent’s house. Dad always told me I could have it whenever I wanted it, but I never had the room and I was losing the desire to own it. Then dad and Karen announced they were moving the Jefferson City and could not take it with them. I was in a panic about what to do when my friend Tim offered to store it in the bank building on Main Street in Fair Grove. The piano wound up in the dining room of Hilltop Pizza where it has stayed for several years. Everyone who visits plays it but the kids banging on the keys eventually wore out the restaurant owner and he told Tim it had to go. Now.

Although we live in a much larger house, I have no room and honestly no desire to have my once-beloved piano back. I called my sister and she doesn’t want it and dad said he was over any sentimental ties to it so I’m stuck. Dad suggested donating it to a church or school so that’s where I’m at with this whole thing. I’m hoping to find someone  who needs a piano and would like mine. Although I hate the idea of getting rid of a family heirloom, I think I got over it years ago. I think if having it in my house had been really important I would have found a way to do it. Now it’s time for this gem to find a new family to love it. Wish me luck!


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4 responses to “The Piano

  1. Cindy

    Only if it’s still antiqued green.

  2. Nope. My step-mom painted it black several years ago!

  3. Miriam

    Is it an upright? I had a friend mention that she might want a piano to teach her son as he grew – but she doesn’t have room for a baby grand.

  4. It’s an upright and, right now, it’s spoken for. I’ll let you know if the deal falls through.

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