Spring Cleaning

For someone who loves to do detailed jewelry granulation I can be quite lazy when it comes to production work. Basically, it’s not interesting or challenging so I tend to put off restocking until I have to. Yesterday I decided it was time to clean off my bench of all the projects I’d started months ago and never quite finished. It’s weird how just four pair of earrings and four necklaces can sit, untouched, on a bench for so long. It only took me a few hours to finish them and I feel so much better.

While I was downstairs I decided to take inventory of my stock and update my “to do” list. Now I have a clear list of what needs to be made and how many of each piece I need.  My plans are to get the production pieces started and give them to my student worker to finish so I can continue working on granulation pieces and a catalog. It feels so good to get this stuff done!

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