That Takes The Cake

Like most people, I’m a huge fan of dessert. I try not to indulge too much, but I do like ending my evening meal on a sweet note. A couple of weeks ago, [Matt]( and [Sarah]( Kerner came over for a late dinner and Sarah told us about something her family makes called cake waffles. I was intrigued and impressed. Imagine taking simple cake batter and cooking it in a waffle iron instead of a cake pan. Genius! Since I tend to like cupcake tops (who doesn’t) and baked goods that are crispy, cake waffles sounded perfect to me. Steve and I have talked about making them, but they also sounded a bit decadent so I was hesitant to do it. I enjoyed the idea more than the reality. 

Last night we met Mick and [Carrie]( at Patton Alley Pub for a happy hour celebration of Carrie’s new job and Mick’s 30th birthday. Cake waffles came up in the conversation and it was decided that Mick would have cake waffles for his birthday that night. They went to the store while Steve and I headed home to whip up a simple pasta meal for everyone. Mick’s favorite cake is Funfetti so Funfetti cake waffles is what we made.

It begins like this:



Then, pour the batter just like regular waffles:



Mmm, smells like cake baking. After about 6 minutes you have this:



Finally, soften some frosting in the microwave and pour over your new creation. Sprinkles are a must!



They are, in a word, delicious but also quite rich. I could only eat one square and even that was a bit much. They were so good! We spent most of the rest of the evening concocting recipes. You could put ice cream between them and make ice cream sandwiches, stack them and pour hot fudge over them, top with strawberries and make a strawberry shortcake, the possibilities are endless!


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3 responses to “That Takes The Cake

  1. Cindy

    If the Wii Fit had not been so complimentary today about my weight, I might be tempted to try these. But I’ll add them to my list of things to try … someday. I, too, am a big fan of dessert. But anyone who says they’re not is lying, right?

  2. This was truly one of the more enjoyable nights that I have had in quite some time! I cannot believe the genius that is this dessert. Thank you for sharing with us. It made Mick’s 30th quite special!

  3. The idea actually came from our friend Dallas. We had them over for dinner one night and it came up in conversation so we had to run and get cake mix and try them out. Very rich, but way faster than baking a cake.

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