Dive Right In

Last night we originally had plans for dinner with Valerie and Kevin but they were stuck at home waiting for their new air conditioning unit to be installed. As Steve and I were enjoying a glass of wine on the deck, we decided to call Duane and Prudy to see if they wanted to grab a cheap bite to eat. Originally we were going to go to Tuscan Grill, a local Italian restaurant, but ended up craving burgers. Our first idea, Galloway Station, fell through because the place was jammed and we didn’t want to wait for a table. Our second choice was a Springfield staple, W.F. Cody’s, known for their outstanding burgers but very smoky atmosphere.

We arrived casually dressed but still felt overdressed in a place that was just one step above a dive bar and quite smoky too. We found the perfect table which was positioned right between the juke box and the pool table and proceeded to order our first pitcher of beer. Steve selected some great music and set up the pool table and we ordered our burgers. It was Duane and me against Steve and Prudy in pool. Little did we know that Prudy is a closet pool shark, having lived with a pool table for many years when her kids were young, but Duane and I were ahead for most of the game. That is, until Duane scratched on the 8 ball and lost the game. So we played another and Duane did the same thing again! I still managed to sink three balls in a row and also a really difficult shot (which nobody saw) despite losing all three games. The burgers came and they were great. Everyone’s burger was done perfectly and we had three huge plates of fries to go with them. Duane was enjoying shots of tequila, we were all laughing hysterically (at nothing) and we vowed this would be our Friday night place.

There’s just nothing like a great evening with great friends at a place where nobody knows you!

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