Financial Peace

Three months ago Steve and I began a weekly class called [Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey]( and it has been an eye-opening experience for us. We knew we needed help in several areas but we didn’t realize how powerful the class would be and how much it would change our attitude towards money. Before Dave (or BD) we didn’t have a plan for paying off debt, saving money or budgeting. Now we do and we don’t fight about it any more! I realize many of you reading this will probably gasp at the idea that two people could possibly live in debt without a budget, but we’re slow learners here! At least we have learned something.

Saturday was an exciting day. We paid off bill #4 and it was a larger one. It was one of those bills I just thought we’d have for years because it never seemed to get smaller regardless of how much money we paid on it. But it’s gone, gone gone! We added everything up and in three months we’ve paid off $2,400 worth of debt, created an emergency savings account (along with our regular savings account) and are quickly chipping away at the next bill. Sure, we have more to do, but the most important thing is that our attitude towards money has changed (for the better, obviously).

It’s not always easy. Being on a budget is a lot like being on a diet which means sometimes you want to break the rules. Last week Steve splurged on a couple of things and I face a daily battle of wanting new spring clothes, but we manage. Like all diets and budgets you fall off the wagon but it’s important to get back on again. We just keep looking at our corkboard of paid bills and telling ourselves we can do it!

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  1. Miriam

    Yeah yeah yeah – keep that debt snowball rolling!

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