Trunks Show Mania

One of my favorite things about working at The Harem is all the trunk shows we have. It’s a cool way to see entire collections from designers, pick what you like and order it. It’s also a good way for Kathi, the owner, to introduce different styles to our clients without having to invest in the entire line. The only weird thing about trunk shows is that they are always looking ahead. For instance, right now we’re showing styles for late summer/early fall which means thinking ahead in your wardrobe. This is not really a problem for me because I’m still familiar with my fall/winter wardrobe and know what gaps I’d like to fill.

This week’s trunk show is by Karen Kane, a line that is very affordable with my generous discount. Because many of the pieces will be coming in over a three-month period of time, it’s easy for me to budget. Sometimes the collections are hit and miss, but I found several pieces in this show that I like.

I decided that my closet was looking a little dull and that I should branch out and try on different styles and silhouettes. I started with a maxi dress because Karen Kane is offering five different styles in this collection. Maxi dresses are tricky and I thought they were just for 20-somethings that are tall and thin. I may be tall, but I’m not thin and I’m certainly not 20-something. Still, I figured it wouldn’t cost me anything to try it on (thanks, mom) so what the heck. The dress I chose was black (shocker) with delicate beading around the neckline. The straps are wide enough for a good bra (essential) and it’s not low cut. It was insanely flattering! I walked out and Steve gasped. He loved it. I felt very elegant in it. Too elegant. I couldn’t figure out where in the world I’d wear the darned thing. Everyone said I could wear it to work (true) but would I? Someone mentioned I could wear it out to dinner, but people in Springfield don’t dress up for dinner. Most people anywhere don’t dress up. I put it in my “maybe” pile and will re-assess it tomorrow.

I did find another very cute dress that I am going to buy. It’s a funky print with black trim and jeweled detailing at the waist. I can wear it with tights and boots in the winter or dressy sandals in the summer.

The other pieces I found were a ruffled cardigan (black), a beaded tank (black), a silk cami (print with black) and a vest (black). Too much black? Is there such a thing? Tomorrow I’ll take another look at the collection and figure out my final selections. I can’t spend too much money because we have another trunk show next week. I can’t remember, did I take this job to earn extra money or to spend it?!

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  1. Cindy

    Too much black? I think you know what Stacy and Clinton would say.

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