Entertain Me

With all the advances in technology, you’d think life would be easier. In some ways it is with emails and such, but making things faster and better is also making us less patient people. We want instant results and we want to be entertained constantly.

I find that when I’m stopped at a red light I check my email or log on to Twitter. When I’m waiting in the checkout at Target it’s the same thing. Whatever happened to living in the moment and taking a look around? Last night Steve and I came home after dinner at mom’s (thanks again, mom) and decided to end the evening relaxing on the deck. Later, I noticed he’d posted an update on Twitter that he was relaxing on the deck. Really?! He felt the need to post that while we were relaxing? We had some friends over a few weeks ago and I thought I was going to have to surgically remove the iPhone from the spouse’s hand. He kept using it while we were all enjoying wine in the living room. Now, I wasn’t really offended or mad, I just kept thinking he should put it away and enjoy the evening.

We keep our laptop on the bar area in the kitchen. I use it daily to check emails and post blog updates, but we try to put it away when we have people at our house. I rarely get out the computer when we have guests because I think my attention should be paid to them rather than updating my Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Call me old fashioned, but I’ll take face-to-face conversation any day over a text message or Facebook update. But that’s just me. Now you’ll excuse me while I step away from the computer and spend some quality time elsewhere!

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